SPX Corp., Charlotte, N.C., and its Shanghai partner Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd., received an order for dry-cooling systems for three China power plants. The more-than $40 million order includes air-cooled condensers for Mengtai, Baota and Zhong Yu power facilities.

“Our joint venture with Shanghai Electric announced earlier this year was an important step in strengthening our position in China where the energy infrastructure is continuously expanding,” says Christopher J. Kearney, SPX chairman, president and CEO.

Both the Baota and Mengtai coal-fired power plants will receive a whole air-cooled condenser island, including two 6x5 modules. A whole island also is scheduled for the coal-fired Zhong Yu power plant in Shanxi Province, including 16 4x4 modules.

The SPX-Shanghai Electric joint venture focuses on supplying dry cooling technologies for power plants, including air-cooled condensers and indirect dry cooling tower systems, as well as moisture-separator reheaters.

While dry cooling technologies in China principally have been utilized by coal-fired power plants, the technology also can be applied to combined-cycle natural gas plants and renewable energy generation, including solar thermal and biomass. China’s projected growth in nuclear energy development, if realized, will drive demand for moisture-separator reheaters, which are used in nuclear power generation.