One of the many ways to control water and wastewater pH, biological oxygen demand, dissolved organics and odors is through environmentally friendly gas-injection systems from Linde North America, headquartered in New Providence, N.J.

The company offers oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide gas-dissolution systems to improve treatment-process efficiencies while helping customers meet environmental requirements. Linde water treatment technology is used in multiple industries, including dairy, beverage, meat and poultry, pulp and paper, textiles and dye works, prepared foods and chemical processing.

Linde’s Solvox process provides an alternative or supplement to forced-air systems. Because air is only 21 percent oxygen, Solvox’s oxygenation process can be almost five times more efficient, the company says. Oxygen use also can save the energy that would be required for compressors in high-volume aeration systems.

The process neutralizes alkaline wastewater with a high degree of control using CO2. When dissolved in water, CO2forms carbonic acid to quickly reduce pH to appropriate levels for discharge. CO2is an inert gas and mild buffering agent, providing a safer alternative to hazardous and corrosive mineral acid treatments. CO2gases also are important to reverse osmosis and re-mineralization systems, Linde says.