Cryogenic Machining Technology LicensedAir Products has licensed its proprietary cryogenic machining technology to MAG IAS LLC, a machine tool manufacturer. The technology license agreement allows MAG to utilize Air Products’ cryogen delivery technology and proprietary cryomachining intellectual property —designed to mitigate heat generation during the cutting operation, thereby enhancing tool life and increasing cutting speeds — along with Its own minimum quantity cryogenics (MQC) technology.

 “The technology license agreement grants global rights for the MAG family of branded equipment,” says Jeffrey Knopf, manager of licensing and technology transfer at Air Products, Lehigh Valley, Pa. “Air Products has retained the registered trade name ‘Icefly’ and will continue to market Icefly cryogenic machining technology, a technology that enables a controlled jet of liquid nitrogen to an application point. Air Products will also continue to support existing cryogenic machining customers and explore new licensing opportunities outside of the MAG agreement.”

 Air Products’ cryogenic machining technology currently is used in the metals machining industry, where it supplies cooling to the cutting tool used to machine difficult materials such as thermal spray coatings, weld overlays, metal matrix composites, hardened steels and irons and powdered metals. By replacing dry machining or standard emulsion coolants with a small stream of liquid nitrogen, the cryogenic machining technology can more effectively cool the cutting insert to enable longer tool life and higher cutting speeds,

Air Products has posted view a brief video of its Icefly cryogenic machining technology.