Content is king. That’s the new mantra for editors these days, who understand that all of you web searchers out there want good information, easily found. Minimal “fluff,” please.

Process Cooling’s totally redesigned website at has boosted the editorial content everywhere on the site. You’ll find item after item after item of practical stories neatly and clearly presented. Long feature articles are there. Short case studies are there. News is there. Much more than you’re used to packs every page.

We’ve dropped some ad sizes to make room for more content, and we’ve changed locations of some ads so they don’t interfere with content readability. We want you to come back to our site regularly to view our oft-changing articles, and delve deeper into the site.

Use the blue tabs at the very top of the page to locate stories about specific equipment or technologies or industries, for example. The drop-down menus under each tab allow quick access to just what you’re looking for by giving you a choice of further categories. For instance, you’ll find great articles about ammonia refrigeration if you click on the Technology tab or cooling tower stories under the Equipment tab.

For a shortcut to all of the above tabs, scroll down to the bottom of the home page, where all the drop-down menus already are open and waiting for your click.

Our site still contains our very searchable Cooling Capabilities guide. The information contained is the same that is in the print magazine’s bullet charts. Click on the blue Buying Advice tab at the top of the page for this terrific source of companies that make exactly what you need. Advanced searching lets you narrow your search from, say, generic “heat exchangers” to exchangers that use a gas-to-liquid heat transfer method. Try it out.

And don’t forget that Process Cooling has an enewsletter every other week. Sign up for it quickly by clicking on the orange Subscribe tab on the upper right, then look for “PC In Brief.”

There’s plenty more on the new site, so stop by for a visit, soon. Better yet, come on over now and look us over. And then mark as a favorite on your browser.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,