Bell & Gosset, a Xylem brand, released an engineering application tool for PCs designed for engineers that deal with coil cooling challenges.Bell & Gosset
Named the “System Syzer: Psychrometry,” it performs several critical calculations related to coil cooling. Features include:

• Cooling process graphed on chart and animated to show heat transfer direction.
• Ability to calculate multiple psychometric characteristics based on two inputs.
• Ability to calculates mass flow and cooling load (BTU).
• Built-in temperature/humidity for 100 U.S. cities.
• Ability to determine condensate rate of the coil.
• Ability to determine real-time outdoor air conditions with inclusion of weather site XML address.

The program application is based on the plastic wheel calculator designed by the Morton Grove, Ill.-based company’s Gil Carlson, who is widely recognized as the “father of modern hydronics.” Carlson first introduced the System Syzer in 1963, and it has since been distributed to more than 100,000 engineers and tradesmen.

The System Syzer application is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Bell & Gossett website at