Aggreko Cooling Tower Services helps companies improve their cooling tower performance and reliability through the implementation of temporary cooling towerAggreko Cooling Tower Services solutions.

There are a variety of reasons operations need supplemental cooling. Some of the chief customer concerns that commonly need to be addressed include:
• Emergency response to a damaged cooling tower or cell
• Reducing cooling water temperatures during high ambient conditions
• Adding cooling water capacity overnight without a capital investment
• Reducing cooling tower repair cost
• Adding flexibility during turnarounds

Rental cooling tower solutions have been able to help customers successfully deal with these, and many other issues with measurable improvements.
In the Northeast, an electric power plant lost four cooling tower cells. A temporary modular cooling solution was implemented to supplement the loss of the 350-MW unit. In a matter of days, ACTS mobilized 40 cooling towers, pumping approximately 125,000 gallons per minute, minimizing the impact on thousands of community residents.

In the southern U.S., a complete system of modular cooling towers, vertical circulating pumps and piping delivered 180,000 gallons per minute of cooled water to ensure temperatures complied with regulations. The plant avoided scaling back its power output, reducing the required run time of less efficient peaking plants, which will save an estimated $45 million in fuel costs over the next five years.

At another plant in Georgia, when a drought-stricken river limited the plant's once-through cooling system, Aggreko's cooling towers delivered 228,000 gallons per minute of cooled water to ensure discharge water remained within acceptable levels.

These complete turnkey temporary installations provided fast and economical solutions with complete on-site technical support from in-house cooling tower rental specialists.

Modular cooling tower units are scalable and flexible, and companies need only deploy the exact capacity required when needed. Most important, a temporary solution relieves the immediate pressure quickly and gives operators time to engineer the right permanent solution.

Whether affected by new changes to environmental regulations, planning an upcoming turnaround, or experiencing the need for replacement cooling towers, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services can help you meet your temporary cooling needs.

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