BAC’s flagship cooling tower, the Series 3000, is the industry standard for factory assembled cooling towers. Through continuous innovation and manufacturingBAC series 3000 expertise, the induced draft crossflow design has been refined over the product’s 38-year lifespan to bring you the most enhanced cooling tower in the market. BAC’s Series 3000 has provided world class solutions to tens of thousands of customers, ranging from steel mills, to data centers, to critical care facilities, schools and universities.

Customers benefit from low energy consumption, reliable year-round operation, durable construction, and ease of maintenance. With its large range of CTI certified capacities of 163 to 1,350 nominal tons in a single cell, the Series 3000 provides a solution for all your project needs.

BAC continues to be the world’s largest leading supplier of evaporative heat transfer and thermal storage equipment. To learn more about BAC and the Series 3000 Cooling Tower visit today.

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