Small cooling towers and comfort HVAC systems need to be kept clean in order to provide greener cost efficient cooling and or heating. These systems, althoughAMSA Inc. small and easily forgotten, can become quite a problem for both the end user and maintenance person without routine protection.

AMSA Inc.’s DTEA II SR and DTEA II SR Plus SC slow release tablets are designed for treating water in small to medium-sized (<250 RT [refrigeration tons], <3,000 gal) cooling towers and other industrial water systems. One tablet treats approximately 25 RT or 300 gal.

DTEA II SR — The active ingredient is DTEA II, an organic deposit penetrant and dispersant and yellow-metal corrosion inhibitor. The DTEA II SR tablet is designed to supplement and aid other chemicals in a water treatment program including scale and corrosion inhibitors and biocides. The lifetime of this tablet is 1-2 weeks, depending on system conditions.

DTEA II SR Plus SC — The active ingredients are DTEA II plus added scale and corrosion inhibitors. This tablet may be suitable as a stand-alone deposit and corrosion control program, depending on individual system needs. The lifetime of this tablet is 3-4 weeks, depending on system conditions.

DTEA II SR and DTEA II SR Plus SC tablets are generally used as part of a program that also provides microbial control. Using DTEA II in conjunction with a biocide creates a superior Biofilm Control Program.

• Convenience and safety of a solid product for small systems
• Slowly dissolves and releases active ingredient when immersed in water
• Designed for use in small and medium cooling water systems such as comfort cooling and HVAC systems
• Especially beneficial in systems that have minimal monitoring or are inconvenient to service
• Hang in sump basin in circulating water or in water spray below fill (see photo at right). Tablets may also be placed in floating feeders.

Benefits of Solid Formulations:
• Convenient service life up to 1 month
• No need for feeding equipment
• Minimizes chemical exposure hazards
• Cost effective
• Convenient storage
• Standard ground shipping as per DOT

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