BluChill is the answer to your industrial equipment and process cooling needs with quality industrial chillers, competitive prices and fast, friendly service.BluChill

Air-Cooled Chillers
These complete package units can be configured as portable or central chillers.
• Cooling capacities from 1 to 50 tons.
• Precise temperature control from 20 to 70°F.

PCR Series Air-Cooled Chillers are fully equipped portable chillers available in 1 to 12 tons of cooling capacity (rated at an output temperature of 50°F). These complete package chillers are engineered for the most demanding industrial cooling applications.

Water-Cooled Chillers
When your cooling water isn’t cool enough, let a PCR Water-Cooled Chiller provide the temperature you need. Condensers sized for city water, well water, cooling tower water or central chilled water systems.
• Cooling capacities from 1 to 50 tons.
• Available with optional city water switchover for critical applications.

PCR Series water cooled chillers are fully equipped process chillers available in cooling capacities of 1 to 12 tons (rated at an output temperature of 50°F). They are built like the big expensive chillers yet compact enough to fit where you need them without breaking your budget.

Low Temperature Industrial Chillers
Low temperature chillers are our specialty. Water condensing, air condensing and split systems all available in a wide range of cooling capacities.

• Standard Low Temperature models down to -30°F.
• Extra-Low Temperature models down to -50°F.

PCR Low Temperature chillers are available in cooling capacities from 1 to 16 tons (rated at an output temperature of 15°F).