Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc., established in 1969, is committed to the design and manufacturing of the best corrosive-resistant cooling tower in the market,Reymsa providing our clients heat transfer solutions that fulfill their cooling needs with quality products and customer service. Our cooling towers are CTI certified. Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc. has been a leader in the “All-Fiberglass” cooling towers for more than 4 decades, with thousands of cooling towers in operation serving the HVAC, plastic and industrial markets worldwide.

The success of Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc. is the result of experience and continuous improvement in the manufacturing of cooling towers by researching and developing the latest technologies. Reymsa is proud to offer the following “state of the art” cooling towers series: HRFG (standard); LSFG-8 (low sound); SLSFG-10 (super low sound); and HFC (closed circuit fluid cooler).

Reymsa cooling towers features include:

• Solid fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) casing and structure with a 15 year warranty.
• Seamless construction eliminating potential leaks.
• Direct drive fan systems with motor features that exceed cooling towers duty motors
• Corrosion resistant
• Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide (PAG) fan blades for standard and low noise applications
• Designed and built for ease of transportation, assembly, start up and access for cleaning or service.

Reymsa cooling towers are eco-friendly: The all fiberglass construction does not contain any heavy metals and does not require the chemicals that are used to preserve and protect metals.

Our towers are built from materials that will tolerate conditions needed to operate using higher cycles of concentration which saves water.
Reymsa provides support from conception throughout the long life cycle of the cooling tower. Our primary focus is long term relationships with satisfied customers.

Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc.