As a “Green Power Certified” producer of electricity, St. Catharines Hydro Generation is proud of its generation stations. One station, the Heywood Generating Station, became commercially operational in the spring of 1989. Producing 40 million kilowatt-hours per year, this plant provides enough electricity to light up over 2,000 homes in the area. It was built beside an existing control structure formerly owned by Ontario Hydro. This control structure along with two new Escher-Wyse water turbines make up the Heywood Generating Station. The station generates approximately 6.5 MW of electricity.

The turbines generate power from the movement of the water but no mechanical/electrical device is 100% efficient. Extreme amounts of heat result from this process. The station originally purchased city water to cool the turbine pump seals. This tallied to over $6,000 a year. Free water was available everywhere but the quality was insufficient for cooling the pump seals. Debris in the water, whether sand, grit, algae or clams had the potential to destroy the seals being cooled or grind away at the turbine shafts.

In March 2006, a decision was made to install a filtration system and utilize the “free water” surrounding the Heywood Generating Station. After investigating the options, an Orival ORG-030-LE Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter was installed with a 25-micron stainless steel weave-wire screen element capable of filtering up to 175 gallons per minute (gpm). See Figure 1. To give some understanding of this filtration degree, a normal human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. Put another way, the smallest black dot on a piece of white paper visible to the unaided eye is between 40 and 50 microns. The ORG series of filters use line pressure to power the self-cleaning mechanism for higher efficiency and lower capital cost.

The Orival ORG family of automatic filters is specifically designed for highly efficient cleaning cycles consuming only a fraction of the water of most other brands. A big plus for the project was the conservation of potable water in the community. See Figure 2. Better yet, the project, including engineering, filter, valves, piping, support structure, controls and labor, recognized a payback in about six months.

Orival, Inc. manufactures one of the most complete lines of filtration and strainer equipment for municipal, industrial and irrigation water treatment applications.

The company manufactures automatic filters from 0.75" to 24" with single units handling flow rates up to 12,000 gpm. Multiple units can be installed in parallel on Orival fabricated manifolds to handle any flow rate required. Fine weave-wire screens are available from 3,000 microns down to 5 microns in standard stainless steel or multi-layer stainless steel elements. Wedge-wire and perforated stainless steel elements are also available.

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Written by:

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