Fan Motor VFD Advice on Avoiding Bearing, Insulation FailuresWhen the river water — screened to 1,200 mm — that a company used for cooling in the steel-making process was causing spray nozzles to become plugged, one engineer knew he needed a way to protect the nozzles. So, Mark A. Presley, maintenance and environmental engineer at the RG Steel facility in Warren, Ohio, turned to Forsta Filters Inc., Los Angeles, to solve his problem.

In selecting a filter to improve the system’s performance, Presley considered the variability of the incoming river water quality, and the price and maintenance required for a new piece of equipment. Forsta engineers recommended its D8-180 Series model for this application.

The stainless steel filter is sized with 8" flanges for the inlet and outlet. It is designed to operate at pressures from 40 to 150 psi and at a maximum temperature of 210°F (99°C). A high porosity stainless steel 316L screen was selected for the filter with 50 mm openings. Two identical D8-180 filters installed in parallel accommodate the 1,200 gal/min flow at two locations in the mill.

Since the installation, each filter now operates for a 20-minute heat about once every hour. During operation, it typically goes through one cleaning cycle, Presley says. Depending on river conditions, this may vary slightly, but the filter is easily handling the particle load variation.

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