Industrial Refrigeration App to Update AutomaticallyTo provide hand-held software that makes work in industrial refrigeration as safe and trouble-free as possible, Baltimore-based Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration released a smartphone app comprising a growing suite of mobile-device-based tools.

The Danfoss IR app is tailored to collect apps and tools from Danfoss that will make work with the company's industrial refrigeration products easier. The mobile software product already includes an app for Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration's SVL Flexline, a line components for industrial refrigeration. The app explains product features and benefits and provides access to technical data and other relevant product information.

The next tool scheduled for release within the Danfoss IR app platform is a spare parts guide. The app will make it easier to find relevant spare parts for a given Danfoss industrial refrigeration valve, according to the company.

The Danfoss IR app has been developed for iPhone, iPad and Android and can be downloaded via the platform app stores or via the Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration website.