At the Asia Brewery Green Technology Summit in Shanghai, the Danfoss ICF valve station won the Best Innovation Award. Baltimore-based Danfoss promoted its one-stop solution for the brewery industry at the summit, which focused on the latest products in brewery industry machinery, raw materials and packaging technology.

For brewery production, temperature control is the key element that defines the flavor of the beer. Precise temperature control is crucial during several processes, including wort cooling, yeast propagation, fermentation and beer cooling.

Danfoss' ICF is suited for many applications in the brewery industry. One valve station, with either four or six function modules, can replace conventional valve stations. Its plug-and-play concept eases installation. According to Danfoss, the ICF specification covers approximately 90 percent of all applications with just four basic configurations.

In other company news, a panel of ASHRAE members recognized two Danfoss products at the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition. The ADAP-KOOL AK-PC 781 integrated rack controller was named the winner in the refrigeration category. The advanced algorithms of this controller optimize the compressor, oil management, high-pressure and heat-recovery control systems, saving energy and harvesting refrigeration heat without compromising food safety. The VZH variable-speed compressor received honorable mention in the cooling category. It delivers efficiency and performance in varied air-conditioning applications while providing precise temperature and humidity management.