My job is terrific. Maybe I’ve loved my job because every day that I walk into my office, I can count on learning something new. I’ve been with BNP Media for 19 years, and along with Associate Publisher and Editor Linda Becker, we started Process Cooling 13 years ago. A reader of its sister publication, Process Heating, asked Linda many years ago if we had a publication for the cooling side of the manufacturing process. And therein lay the seed for what developed into print and later electronic editorial all about industrial cooling.

Now it’s time for me to retire (funny how it sneaks up on you). But I’m leaving the Process Cooling brand in good hands, with a capable team that contributed mightily to its growth.

I met readers at shows who supported the brand with their interest in what we wrote and with their suggestions for additional topics. I met advertisers on the road who supported Process Cooling through their marketing efforts so they could reach buyers of their products. And I met a dedicated group of BNP employees who labored long and hard to deliver this product.

With sincere appreciation, I thank Linda who is the backbone of the Process Cooling brand, as well as Susan Heinauer who turned sales into her calling. Behind-the-scenes staff also made Process Cooling happen. Many, many thanks to Beth McClelland, Becky McClelland, Dana Knapp, Drew Matthews, Christina Roth, Vicki Thomas-Kelly, Clare Johnson, Linda Stoll, Carolyn Perucca, Lynn Fish, and too many others to name here. Everyone had a stake in making Process Cooling the best product possible. Yes, it’s a matter of pride and ownership, for sure. Yet, we also are aware of a larger responsibility of putting forth editorial content that is accurate and worthwhile. Our goal was and continues to be educational.

Now, I will step away from this life of publishing and move to a different phase of my life. Shalom. Ciao. Auf Wiedersehen. Au revoir. Adios.

In whatever language you say it, it means goodbye.


 Anne Armel, Group Publisher,