Bitzer-Compressor Maker Adds Packages
Image courtesy of Bitzer US Inc.

Having marketed its line of open-drive reciprocating and screw compressors for ammonia applications for some time, Bitzer has added assembled ammonia packages to its lineup. The options range from simple motor-compressor combinations on rails to complete rotary screw compressor packages.

Art Mathews, Bitzer’s business development manager for industrial products, says the company is filling a void in the marketplace for small ammonia systems. “Historically, ammonia compressors have been large CFH models like those found in refrigerated warehouses,” he says. “But the trend now is to reduce the ammonia charge in systems and provide multiple, self-contained systems to handle the loads.”

Bitzer US recently moved its semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor production into a new manufacturing plant on an Oakwood, Ga., complex, beside its former plant. The company will build its ASME certified pressure vessels and ammonia refrigeration packages at the former plant.