My career is going in lots of interesting directions because of electronic publishing. There’s something new just about every day, which keeps our staff on our toes. For instance, it’s been awhile since Process Cooling wrote, edited and prepared information on cooling processes just for one print issue most months. Now, we create fresh content — articles, news, how-to stories, features, case histories and product writeups — almost daily. We have to “feed” all our outlets, which include print, web, eNewsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The changes made to traditional print publishing are, I believe, for the better. The variety of information outlets means you, the reader, have loads of flexibility. You can consume information in the way that best fits your schedule, whenever and wherever you are ready to absorb information dedicated to helping you be more efficient and effective on the job. So, while you might be holding this print version of the April issue, you also can read it at, where all the content — and more — is available.

In addition, don’t overlook all the industrial cooling-related content in our regular eNewsletter, PC in Brief. It can be delivered twice a month right to your inbox. Besides links to cooling-related news and products, the eNewsletter always contains a section called “In Case You Missed It,” with links to past articles. Recent articles included how to get the most out of fan-selection software, or an explanation of low-charge ammonia chillers and their contribution to greater efficiencies. You can sign up for PC in Brief easily, by going to

Whether you’re in the office on your computer, or out of the office using your mobile device, you can also find us via social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and consider joining our group, Process Cooling Network). There’s always a way to tap into information about process equipment that cools, chills or freezes product; measures, monitors or controls temperature; or simply cools the equipment itself.

And now we have to get back to preparing that content for you.