Stellar Energy will provide design and fabrication of a modular chiller plant for Novozymes, a leader in industrial biotechnology. The modular chilled water system isModular chiller plant designed to expand Novozyme’s existing process cooling water capacity, providing an additional 2,200 TR. The system includes a modular chilled water plant constructed at Stellar Energy’s fabrication facility combined with factory-packaged cooling towers and process water pumps installed at the Novozyme’s plant. The project is slated for completion in June 2013.

Stellar Energy has worked with Novozymes, Franklinton, N.C., on several projects in the past, including providing several modular chiller plants designed to expand the company’s cooling capacity for various demands as loads increase.

“Modular chiller plants are a smart, economical solution designed to improve energy efficiency and provide scalability and flexibility,” says Kurt Peninger, senior vice president at Stellar Energy Americas, Jacksonville, Fla.

 Unlike field-erected construction, modular construction involves the fabrication and assembly of systems and components in a quality-controlled fabrication facility. Once completed, the chiller plant is prepacked, shipped and assembled on site.