Microsite Focuses on Liquid Nitrogen for Chemical, Pharmaceutical IndustriesA new microsite focused on advanced cryogenic technologies is designed to help the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries identify solutions to various low-temperature process challenges using technologies from Air Products, Allentown, Pa.

Air Products’ liquid nitrogen solutions microsite ― located at www.airproducts.com/n2solutions ― provides information about the company’s cryogenic cooling technologies, including:

  • PolarFit reaction cooling for fast, precise cooling of advanced synthesis reactions.
  • PolarFit grinding and milling technologies for ultra-fine particles production.
  • PolarFit process cooling technologies, which include custom cooling solutions.
  • Cryo-Condap solvent recovery, which enables economic recovery and abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Cryogenic cooling for lyophilization.
  • Cryopreservation technologies that provide a low temperature environment to preserve and store biological samples.

Liquid nitrogen is part of a range of industrial gases offered by Air Products.