A business opportunity report that evaluates the global markets for reverse osmosis (RO) system components has been released by ReportsnReports.com, an online market research reports library.

Numerous ancillary components are needed to complete the construction of a large, complex RO system. Depending on system size and application, these may include pretreatment cartridges, pumps, pressure vessels/housings, RO membrane modules and ancillary elements such as skids, valves and gauges.

In the report, existing and potential markets for reverse osmosis on the global stage are identified, and an assessment of the roles that RO systems can play in water treatment technology is provided. Water needs and the role of reverse osmosis in meeting these requirements are evaluated for four global regions.

According to the research, the heart of an RO system is the membrane module. Although many different polymer types of semipermeable membrane are possible, the commercial market consists primarily of thin-film composite polyamide formed into a spiral wound configuration. Improved low pressure membranes, large-diameter membranes and nonfouling membranes have been important technology trends during the past several years. Currently, a number of new materials types are being commercialized.

Pressure vessels/housings are critical to the successful operation of RO and nanofiltration (NF), or membrane softening, systems. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic and stainless steel pressure vessels are the predominant types associated with industrial and municipal RO systems.

As the research notes, although pumps used in RO systems represent a relatively small percentage of total system cost, they must be selected carefully to avoid inefficient operation, downtime, or reduced productivity and return on investment. The choice of a proper pump is especially important in seawater desalination applications because of the corrosive atmosphere and highly demanding process conditions. Positive-displacement plunger pumps or centrifugal pumps are most commonly used in RO applications. Booster pumps, a much smaller market, can be used in situations where normal system pressure is low but needs to be increased.

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