The Australian government is using financial incentives to encourage operators of refrigeration plants to change over to eco-friendly refrigerants. The incentives have taken the form of a tax levy on imported synthetic refrigerants intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Similar tax models can be found in some European countries. Experts working in the refrigeration industry such as Heikki Oksanen, sales manager at Oy Vahterus, are sure that there will be environmental taxes in all countries in the near future.

In a statement on the website for eurammon, a joint European initiative on natural refrigerants, Oksanen explains that Denmark and Norway have introduced taxes relating to refrigerants, and countries such as the Netherlands are providing financial incentives for energy efficiency and natural refrigerants. Oksanen believes that in the future, the use of natural refrigerants, such as heat pumps, will be found in a variety of cooling applications.

The European initiative eurammon, Hamburg, Germany, includes companies, institutions and individuals advocating for the increased use of natural refrigerants.

More detailed information on tax models in Australia and Europe can be found on the organization’s website,