Baltimore-based Danfoss has created a site that takes users through the myths and facts of CO2 refrigeration. The site also provides calculation tools to calculateCO2 refrigeration the potential energy savings from using CO2.

One of myths is that CO2 is not safe. In fact, CO2 is classified in the safest refrigerant category, “A1,” meaning that it is neither toxic nor flammable. As with all other refrigerants, regional and national standards must be followed when designing a system. These requirements take all safety aspects into account, including issues with high pressure refrigerants such as R410A or CO2.

Additional topics on the CO2 Myths & Facts site are efficiency, cost, global warming, cold climates and high pressure. The CO2 Myths and Facts site also has links to different calculation tools that allow users to calculate potential energy savings when replacing traditional refrigerants with CO2 in brine systems, cascade systems and transcritical systems.

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