Munters is expanding its current production of rental desiccant dehumidifiers for customers needing temporary humidity control or drying. In 2010, the company sold its damage and restoration contracting service, Moisture Control Services (MCS), and is now offering dehumidification equipment to rental companies.

Munters manufactures the HCD Series dehumidifiers, which are for large-scale, deep drying projects requiring a dewpoint at 40°F, and the DryCool Rental Series, which are hybrid desiccant systems that use waste heat for reactivation while delivering a cool, dry 45°F dewpoint air. Both systems utilize the company’s Honeycombe desiccant rotor sized as deep as ~1.57" (400 mm). All systems have a weatherproof unit casing constructed to withstand any environment and reportedly can reach lower dewpoint temperatures than refrigeration-based dryers.

“We exited the rental damage restoration contracting business and now can supply these systems from any of our three U.S. factories,” says Scott Haynes, vice president of sales, marketing and service for Munters.