In a move to focus on the market segments that provide the most value to its customers, AMSA Inc., Auburn, Mich., announced on the company’s website that it will no longer offer its AMSALite line of ATP analyzers.

One method to monitor fouling in water systems and the progress of chemical treatment involves measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical that is present in all living organisms. The company sold its line of ATP analyzers as a method for ascertaining the cleanliness and condition of industrial cooling towers prior to, during and after treatment with its DTEA II chemistry.

All AMSALite units have been discontinued, and its Type II ATP test kits are no longer available for purchase. Additionally, the company no longer offers related consumables. In place of the discontinued products, the company suggests the Clean-Trace NG Luminometer1 manufactured by 3M. According to testing, this unit has shown to be comparable to the discontinued AMSALite IV.

 Existing AMSALite IV warranties will be honored by the company, and AMSA Inc. will offer support for all AMSALite IV units, including those outside of warranty coverage, via its pay per repair program.