High volume processors often can save hundreds of thousands or more in hard, direct costs when switching from mechanical freezing methods to high efficiency batch or inline chillers and freezers that use carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen.

Typical Hard Dollar Savings

  • Lower Freezing Costs vs. Older Mechanical Freezers
  • Lower Freezing Costs vs. Older Cryogenic Processes
  • Higher Throughput (10 to 35 percent)
  • Higher capacity/hour (to 20,000 lb./line)
  • Reduce Product Losses (2 to 3 percent or more typical for diced poultry)
  • Lower Immediate Capital Outlays with Long-Term Lease Agreements

Potential Soft Savings

  • More Consistent Processing
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Improved Freshness and Shelf Life
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Conserve Valuable Plant Space
  • Improved Downstream Processes (e.g. Cutting, Packaging)
  • Hygienic Design
  • Easy Access for Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Help Meet Quality Assurance and Compliance Requirements
  • Safer Operations

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