BITZER will introduce its new line of small ammonia compressor packages at the RETA 2013 National Conference in Bellevue, Wash., on Oct. 30-Nov. 2. These screw compressor packages range from 20 hp to 250 hp and are available as single stage models and as boosters. They are ideal for industrial ice plants, ice rinks, marine refrigeration, wineries, breweries and cold storage applications.

Key features include a rugged design and smooth, quiet operation, so ear protection is not necessary near. Controls include a large graphical display, intuitive keypad design, open protocol for communications and worldwide availability of replacement parts.

BITZER also offers a line of small open drive reciprocating compressors and packages for ammonia from 14 cfm to 107 cfm. Compressors come standard with water-cooled heads and can operate in low-, medium- and high-temperature applications. They are available in direct-drive or belt-drive models and can be applied as retrofits for competitive brands. BITZER open-drive compressors can also be used as pump-out compressors.

As the worldwide leader in CO2 compressors for subcritical and transcritical applications, BITZER will also promote these compressors at RETA.  For those interested in using CO2 as a low-temperature refrigerant, BITZER has a training center near Stuttgart, Germany, for comprehensive, hands-on CO2 training. Large refrigerated warehouses can lower their ammonia footprint by replacing low-temperature ammonia systems with a subcritical CO2 system.