ChemPoint has the opportunity to participate in projects of all scopes and sizes. Whether it’s the inception of a project where it can provide its consultative approachChemPoint and application knowledge or a completed project where it can provide recommendations based upon its experience in multiple industries, ChemPoint is here to help. The following example is a situation where a customer was looking for a recommendation to improve their system performance.

John, a maintenance manager, was searching for a liquid coolant to be used in a thin film optical coating production process. He was using water, but the hardness and other impurities were causing etching in his pipe and sediment deposits in the valves. After understanding the system specifications, temperature and delivery requirements, ChemPoint recommended DOWTHERM™ 4000 Heat Transfer Fluid from The Dow Chemical Company, an inhibited glycol-based fluid that can operate at temperatures up to 350°F (175°C). 

The deionized water and properly formulated inhibitor package will protect his metallic surfaces at the fluctuating temperatures he operates in. The recommendations of proper dilutions were invaluable to John because he was unsure on proper procedures in working with this material. After installation, John saw a significant improvement in the performance of his system, which ultimately produced direct savings to his bottom line. The promptness of ChemPoint’s service and expedited delivery when needed has made John a long-term customer of ChemPoint and Dow Chemical.