An interactive tool from Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration, called the “Industrial Refrigeration Application Tool,” has been updated to include the company’s recently launched products. The interactive PowerPoint slideshow takes users through all details of a two-stage ammonia plant.

The tool includes zoom and expand navigation along with detailed information about the equipment being displayed. Users click on the selected areas of the plant to get detailed information on that area. For instance, the detailed drawing shows what valves and piping are needed for the specific area. By clicking on the valve-type designations, a user can get detailed cut-away drawings and explanations of that specific valve.

The interactive slideshow also provides links to technical literature, product animations and videos. The Baltimore-based company tool built the tool for anyone involved in industrial refrigeration but asserts it is especially useful to those new to the industry. Danfoss also says it can be an illustrative tool for training because it includes an edit mode that allows users to copy individual product slides to use in their own presentations.

The tool is available for download here. For users who already have the application tool, an updated version is now ready for download.