Refrigeration Company Simplifies Maintenance Services
The water-cooled Quantum system from Cofely Refrigeration is shown installed with two compressors. It offers cooling capacity up to 900 kW.

A provider of refrigeration maintenance services has simplified the service packages it offers to streamline selection.

Cofely Refrigeration GmbH, Lindau, Germany, introduced a modular maintenance model that can help ensure energy-efficient and economical operations over the lifecycle of a chiller. Up to 27 different maintenance modules can be accessed through four different maintenance models, so that facility operators can align the modular service package to their requirements. While the basic plan focuses on ensuring regular operations of the chiller on the basis of the current legislative situation pursuant to BertSichV, BGR 500 and DIN 31051, the refrigeration specialist also can assume operator obligations with the upgraded version and will ensure compliance on the basis of current legislation. Complete and premium services provide additional assistance and protection.

In addition to the new maintenance services, Cofely Refrigeration also offers efficiency checks ― systematic inspections and assessments of cooling systems from other providers ― and modernization services.