A witness test laboratory for prospective buyers of large-capacity cooling systems was opened to allow performance and reliability testing for equipment at specific temperatures from -35 to 120°F (-37 to 49°C).

Emerson Network Power opened the CSA International-certified testing facility to enable on-site witness testing for buyers who want a guarantee their cooling systems will deliver target performance and reliability across an operating temperature range. The facility can replicate a complete data center environment.

Testing is conducted at Emerson Network Power’s plant in Columbus, Ohio, where presently there are psychrometric rooms for 30 and 100 kW cooling units. The psychrometric testing laboratory expands the capability to 200 kW direct expansion cooling units and 400 kW chilled water units. The facility includes a staging area for the unit being tested, so setup can take place while another test is in progress, reducing overall time.

 The company also plans to test its future designs of large cooling systems at the facility to allow the company to bring more efficient technologies to market more quickly.