Three newly revised videos for professionals who deal with hazardous materials and dangerous goods are now available online at the Chemtrec and American Chemistry Council’s websites.

• “An Overview of Chemtrec” explains Chemtrec’s mission and the services it provides.

• “How Chemtrec Helps First Responders” shows what happens when emergency responders call Chemtrec during a hazardous materials emergency.

• “What’s Being Said About Chemtrec” highlights the benefits of Chemtrec services to industry professionals.

A service of the American Chemistry Council, Chemtrec provides information and solutions for hazardous materials and dangerous goods response, helping emergency responders mitigate incidents involving hazardous materials. Services include:

• A 24-hour communications center staffed by emergency service specialists.

• A database of that provides access to thousands of chemical product specialists and hazardous material experts.

• A telecommunications system with a virtual emergency response team that links on-scene responders with chemical experts.

• Transportation companies and medical experts.

• An electronic library of more than five million safety data sheets.

• A database of medical experts and chemical toxicologists who provide advice and emergency medical treatment assistance to on-scene medical professionals treating victims of product exposure.

• Interpretation capabilities for more than 180 languages to help during emergencies involving non-English speaking stakeholders.

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