Most processors likely are familiar with the Advanced Manufacturing Office, part of the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The AMO forms partnerships with industry, small business, universities, regional entities and other stakeholders to identify and invest in emerging clean energy technologies.

The AMO produces a database of state, local and regional incentives and resources by city or zip code. The State Incentives and Resources Database contains more than 4,700 entries that describe how industrial and commercial managers can qualify for incentives for reducing energy consumption available at the state, local, utility and non-profit levels, including rebates, waived fees, tax credits and loans. For instance, when I conducted a search for my home state, Wisconsin, I found nearly 300 postings, including:

  • Incentives to industrial customers for both efficiency upgrades and demonstration projects. Specific incentive programs include a pump system study for pulp and paper.
  • Incentives for upgrading three-phase motors and installing variable-frequency drives.
  • Pumping system optimization and energy-efficiency education and training via Pump Systems Matter.
  • Motors and fans rebates.
  • Rebates for energy-efficient equipment, including dairy plate coolers and water precoolers; scroll refrigeration compressors and variable-frequency drives.

 Similar opportunities exist in each state. In addition, other resources include analysis tools, education and training programs, and energy audits. For instance, one utility offers a screening tool that provides an estimate of the annual cost savings and payback period for a gas-fired chiller relative to a conventional electric compressor-based chiller, based on the cooling load and the electric and gas prices that are entered. So get clicking, and get saving!