A guide that discusses the application and operation of pumps in combined-cycle power plant service has been published by Hydraulic Institute (HI), Parsippany, N.J. “Power Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Application and Operation to Maximize Uptime, Availability and Reliability” is the first installment of their new series.

The guide provides information on the proper pump selection and operation essential for minimizing energy consumption and increasing overall plant efficiency, reliability and profitability. Based on the equipment used in a typical 400 MW combined-cycle plant, it describes important details about the pump types used, offers guidance for proper selection of main and auxiliary service pumps, and describes the significance of proper operation of pumps in power plant service.

The guide identifies the styles of pumps used in combined-cycle power plants and provides recommendations for operating them at the highest efficiency and greatest reliability. It places an emphasis on boiler feed, boiler feed boosting, condensate, condenser circulating, boiler circulating, and heater drain pump applications. It also describes the basic operation of combined-cycle plants and how to achieve increased uptime, availability and reliability. The guide contains useful information about the materials of construction for main- and auxiliary-service pumps, pump mechanical seals and packing recommendations, and lubrication systems that are used for pumps in power plant applications.

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