Air Products has signed a contract to supply both gaseous and liquid nitrogen to Prime Evolue Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Also, Air Products will further extend its existing industrial gas pipeline network to the Tembusu area from its existing pipeline network in the Sakra area on Jurong Island, Singapore, to support the growth of chemical and petrochemical customers with reliable industrial gas supply.

Strategically positioned as the heart of Singapore's energy and chemical industry, Jurong Island is home to more than 95 global petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemicals companies. It provides well-developed infrastructure where companies can save capital costs through use of shared facilities and utilities to reap synergies through product integration. Air Products, Allenton, Pa., has served petrochemical customers on the island since 1997 through its air separation plant, which can produce 250 metric tons per day of gases. The pipeline extension strengthens the company's supply position to meet the increasing market demand.