Paragon is offered in single modules in sizes from 55 to 250 tons. The seamless engineered polyethylene cylindrical molded shell has with conical transitions forDelta Cooling counterflow tower the motor/fan assembly, louvered inlets and fitting orientation. The louvered inlets are designed for 360° air distribution, and there are no joints, seams, panels, gaskets, bolts, fasteners or caulking like conventional towers. Sump is integral with cooling tower shell, creating a one-piece seamless structure. Other standard features include corrosion-proof construction; direct-drive fan system; enclosed VFD-rated motors; and high efficiency PVC fill. Its self-propelled PVC water distribution system incorporates a rotating sprinkler head and lateral distribution arms with integral drift eliminators. The counterflow tower is factory assembled for simple installation and has a 15-year shell warranty.

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