Series AHP-6200 provides cooling performance up to 5,200 BTU/hr. The thermoelectric air conditioners include the company’s temperature control design with Eco-TECA thermoelectric air conditionersMode, which helps save energy by limiting the need for active cooling when it is not needed. The design lowers total power consumption by up to 75 percent, according to the company. The energy-conservation mode switches on passive cooling when the enclosure reaches 77°F (25°C). Active cooling begins when the enclosure reaches 95°F (35°C) and, on heat/cool configurations, active heating begins when the enclosure temperature drops to 50°F (10°C). In addition to high performance and high efficiency ratings, the air conditioners are designed with a low profile, which translates into more available enclosure space. The robust mounting flange, gasket and hardware and centrally located power input contribute to user-friendly installation. High air-flow fans and high fin-density heat sinks on the cold side maximize performance and minimize condensation. An integral condensate removal system absorbs condensation and transports it to the hot side, where it gets evaporated into the ambient.

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