The principle objective of eurammon, Hamburg, Germany, is to inform operators, plant engineers and planners of the ecological and economic advantages of natural refrigerants. Together with 11 partner organizations from around the world, the European initiative is dedicated to the increased use of natural refrigerants and is constantly working to establish new collaborations.

As a part of these objectives, eurammon recently concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Association of Ammonia Refrigeration (AAR), according to Monika Witt, chairwoman of eurammon. While special climate conditions have to be taken into account for refrigeration in India, South Africa and Australia, other countries have special statutory regulations relating to the use of refrigerants.

According to eurammon, the particular strength of its global network lies in its ability to share information about standards for ammonia refrigeration quickly with all partners. The partner organizations of eurammon are:

The affiliated initiatives, associations and institutions harbor a range of technical know-how, from expertise in various application areas for natural refrigerants through to the latest academic findings, thus facilitating constant knowledge exchange and mutual support.