Pressure and temperature sensors and solenoid valves manufactured by Danfoss Industrial Automation have achieved ISO/TS/16949:2009 certification.

Danfoss implemented the certification standard for the manufacture of temperature and pressure sensors and solenoid valves. It makes use of the standards required by the automotive industry to answer the need for prevention of failure and documentation throughout the supply chain.

The certification documents an extended quality management system that provides for continual improvement, prevention of technical failure and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain from cradle to grave. Based on ISO 9001, the standard was originally prepared by Ford, Chrysler and GM for the automotive industry, which required a unified approach from their suppliers. TS 16949 applies to all parts of the business, including sales, product development, production and delivery.

So why has Danfoss adopted a standard created for the automotive industry? Børge Frost Iwersen, project manager for the certification process, explains, “Overall, Danfoss continuously strives to improve quality in all respects. The automotive industry has taken the lead by defining TS 16949, and now we see a trend in this direction in our industry too. This was one of the triggers for us to adopt this standard.

“More companies are demanding that the entire supply chain has well-documented procedures and we see a growing trend in using the procedures and tools referred to in TS 16949. Certification ensures that they adhere to them.”