Agencies interested in becoming licensed to perform sound testing of cooling towers per the Cooling Technology Institute’s Sound Test Code, ATC-128 can become licensed as a test agent following the introduction of a new program from CTI. This new program will complement the long-running CTI licensed programs for thermal performance and drift testing of cooling towers.

To become licensed as a CTI cooling tower test agent, each agency must pass a screening process and demonstrate a high level of technical expertise in the applicable area. Additionally, each agency must have a sufficient number of the required test instruments, all meeting rigid requirements for accuracy and calibration.

Once licensed, test agencies must operate in full compliance with the provisions of the CTI license agreements and testing manuals which were developed by a panel of testing experts specifically for each program. Included in these requirements are strict guidelines regarding conflict of interest to ensure CTI tests are conducted in a fair, unbiased manner.

Agencies interested in becoming licensed by the Houson-based organization for sound testing should contact CTI Administrator Virginia Manser at