Sonitec-Vortisand Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-flow microsand filtration, has just released its new generation of pressurized filters designed for higher flow rates. The new H²F’s footprint is substantially reduced when compared to multimedia (MM) filters (85% reduction), its maintenance is simplified, its weight reduced and offers the same submicron filtration as our original Vortisand, which has been installed at 2,500 sites around the world over the last 20 years.

H²F Vortisand is perfectly suited for process waters used in the pre-treatment of RO membranes, water recovery, rain harvesting, irrigation, data centers, district cooling and large industrial cooling towers.

Just like our original Vortisand product line, the H²F offers these key competitive advantages:

•    Speed of 50m/h (5 x faster than regular MM filters designed for high water quality)

•    Efficiently removes particles of less than 1µ (10 to 50 times smaller than traditional filters)

•    Water savings of  up to 50% during backwash vs. MM filters

When used in cooling systems:

•    Energy savings of 10%-20% on chillers operating cost

•    Chemical additives savings of up to 20% while improving their efficiency

•    Total operating cost up to 3 times lower than with solid separators or MM filters

•    Flow rate sample for side stream application is 2 to 5 x smaller than other filtration methods

•    LEED point(s) accumulation toward this certification on most applications


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