Brentwood is a leading provider of thermoformed plastic solutions to a wide variety of consumer, manufacturing, and environmental industries. We supply custom and proprietary products of the highest quality and emphasize customer service, working closely with clients throughout the design, engineering, and manufacturing phases of each project to create targeted, tailored solutions.

Our cooling tower group functions as a valuable knowledge base and a source for applications expertise, educating customers about the advantages of evaporative cooling – the most efficient process for dissipating the waste heat produced by electric power generation and other industrial processes. Brentwood leads the industry in cooling tower fill and drift eliminator design and manufacturing, while also offering full application engineering and product support.

Brentwood’s manufacturing expertise is built upon a solid foundation of customer awareness, engineering knowledge, product design, and advanced quality initiatives. The consolidation of these resources has allowed Brentwood to develop innovative fill and drift eliminator designs, enhancements, and technologies:


  • Most notable is Brentwood’s patented Mechanical Assembly (MA) technology. As the world’s most sophisticated cooling tower fill assembly process, MA technology provides a safe and inexpensive means by which sheets can be assembled without the use of traditional solvents. This unique process capability produces packs that are exceptionally strong, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and easily assembled on site.
  • To reduce the potential for fouling in cooling tower systems, Brentwood developed a PVC enhancement called AccuShield. This technology incorporates an anti-microbial compound into our raw material, thereby improving long-term fill performance by inhibiting the growth of biofilm, which leads to fouling.
  • Brentwood offers a wide range of drift eliminators specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in both crossflow and counterflow tower applications with features that minimize pressure drop, drift loss, and cost. Our CF80MAx drift eliminator is the most efficient, offering tight blade spacing and low pressure drop with a drift rate of 0.0005%.


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