In early December, hundreds of engineers, technicians, operators, equipment makers and others tuned in for an hour-long webinar on “Handling Ammonia Systems Safely.” During the program, John Sherrill, the president and director of training at Midwest Ammonia Training Center LLC, Nashville, Ind., a division of Sherrill & Associates, offered advice to help attendees operate and maintain their equipment for reliability and efficiency, all the while keeping an eye on safety. With more than 20 years’ experience as an instructor teaching ammonia safety and system operation to end-users of refrigeration systems for industrial process, buildings, institutions and commercial use, John covered the do’s, don’ts and even a “Gotcha!” or two.

If you were not able to join John and me for the live session, you still can benefit by attending the archived event. To do so, point your web browser here. Once there, register and listen to the event on demand. During the session, learn about:

  • What ammonia first aid demands, both the old and new practices.
  • Why the published lower explosive limit may not be correct
  • Whether ammonia rises, hovers or falls during a release. Maybe you think you know, but are you sure?
  • The four most common misunderstandings about ammonia processes.

If you are involved in ammonia refrigeration, take an hour and get some practical information that could save your life, your equipment or your facility.

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor