Ammonia packages are offered in capacities ranging from 15 to 100 T with a single compressor. Features include rugged construction, simple PLC controls, low sound and no obsolescence on electronic components for 15 years. The industrial refrigeration packages can be offered with multiple compressors for greater capacity, higher efficiency and lower overall cost. Built-in variable Vi lowers energy consumption by reducing over and under compression. The integrated capacity control system matches capacity down to 25 percent. All models are offered with variable-speed drives for the most demanding applications. IndustrialRefrigerationLine_IN

Company offers the widest variable speed range in the industry with select compressors operating between 1,450 and 4,500 rpm. Packages are constructed with a heavy-duty base and provide room to mount oil coolers, vessels and plate heat exchangers. Four-stage oil separators are standard, and the screw compressor’s slide valve can operate with infinite or stepped capacity control. Each package has a control panel with microprocessor, a touchpad screen, and open protocols.