FS-Elliott Co. LLC, Export, Pa., reportedly set an industry milestone this past year by shipping the first centrifugal compressor manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Started in 2010, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. is a joint venture between FS-Elliott Co. LLC and GAS Arabian Services Co. Ltd. with the goal of providing locally packaged, energy-efficient air solutions to customers in the Middle East.

In December 2013, the joint venture completed the packaging of three FS-Elliott Polaris industrial compressors for Saudi Airlines. These marked the first centrifugal air compressors manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The order includes two engineered PAP Plus A-Frame compressors for Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) affiliates, Al Bayroni and Ar Razi.

FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. is in the process of a major equipment upgrade project with two SABIC affiliates. The SABIC affiliates will receive the Regulus Control System, which allows operators to monitor and manage the performance of one or multiple compressors at the unit or remotely.

Aside from adding packaging and assembly capabilities, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. is responsible for servicing FS-Elliott’s PAP Plus and Polaris product lines. The company has also improved in-house capabilities by adding machining and painting centers to its service and manufacturing facility, and has recently added a control panel simulator, along with turbine and compressor cutout models.