Sam Gladis, of Vilter Manufacturing LLC, part of the Emerson Climate Technologies business segment, spoke at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration 2014 Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Show.

Gladis, Vilter Manufacturing’s business director, heat pumps, spoke on “Optimized Design Strategies for Industrial Heat Pump Applications.” His presentation included an overview of several heat pump applications and explained how to select the right heat pump compressor that balances cost with operating efficiency and maintenance costs.

John Flynn, director of sales for Vilter Manufacturing LLC, also spoke at the conference. His presentation was titled “The Total Cost of Compressor Ownership.”

Industrial heat pumps that utilize ammonia as the refrigerant are increasingly popular because ammonia has a global warning potential and ozone depletion potential of less than one. Because ammonia runs hotter than many other refrigerants, it becomes an excellent candidate for heat recovery.