Ohio Chiller Maker Budzar Industries Acquires BV Thermal SystemsBudzar Industries Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, acquired BV Thermal Systems LLC of Modesto, Calif. BV Thermal Systems manufactures refrigeration-based, temperature-controlled liquid recirculation systems and water-cooled heat exchanger systems. Budzar manufactures process fluid heat and cold transfer systems that measure and control the temperature of primary processing equipment.


BV Thermal Systems, which previously operated as Bay Voltex, manufactures the well-known Bay Voltex chillers, which were introduced in 1980 and are found primarily in the laboratory, semiconductor and medical industries. BV Thermal Systems serves semiconductor fabrication plants, pharmaceutical, scientific instrumentation laboratories, medical (lasers, blood analyzers, MRI systems, CT scanners), biomedical, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and other high-tech companies.

Dave Pease, former owner of BV Thermal Systems, will be working with Budzar for six to 12 months to assist in the transition. All other BV personnel will remain with the company at its Modesto facility.

“Like Budzar Industries, BV [Thermal Systems] is all about being a trusted, on-time supplier of high quality heaters and chillers,” says David Young, president of Budzar Industries. "And, by bringing BV under the Budzar Industries umbrella, we plan to leverage our collective purchasing, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with reliable, innovative products and responsive service at a lower price.”