Courtesy of Aggreko plc. Unauthorized use not permitted

A new Aggreko service center in Quebec City will provide temporary power generation, temperature control and oil-free compressed air solutions for industrial and commercial facilities.

Backed by the company's nationwide network of service centers, the ~25,800 ft2 (2,400 m2) facility will provide engineering services from Aggreko Process Services (APS), an experienced process engineering team. The center will also provide support from Aggreko Cooling Tower Services (ACTS), a specialist team focused on improving cooling water performance and reliability through temporary cooling tower installations. The APS and ACTS teams can design and install projects at extremely short notice.

“We are also excited to provide our customers with Aggreko remote monitoring (ARM),” says Peter Brouwer, vice president, Canada east area general manager, Aggreko North America. “This service not only provides customers in remote areas with real-time asset monitoring but also dedicated diagnostic support by Aggreko’s technical experts located in our remote operations center, proactively recognizing, diagnosing and resolving operational issues before they occur.”

Aggreko will supply the area with all the company’s major rental product lines:

  • Temperature-control equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, air conditioners and electric heaters.
  • Refinery-grade heat exchangers.
  • Cooling towers capable of cooling millions of liters of water per minute.
  • Oil-free air compressors, both diesel and electric.
  • Diesel and natural gas generators from 30 to 1,500 kW.
  • Winterized packaging options to ensure equipment operations in harsh weather conditions.

Aggreko’s new facility is open for business and located at 225A Chemin des Iles, Levis, Quebec City.