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Solving the Waste Heat Recovery Conundrum

Ammonia heat pump systems can be used by food processing plants to harvest waste heat.

The inherent high-pressure capability of the single screw compressor has been enhanced, allowing full acceptance of the highest operating discharge pressure from the host system, in excess of 180 psig (13.2 atm). Reliability has been a key initiative during the engineering of this new compressor line. Testing at multiple installations in North and South America and Europe has confirmed the performance reliability of the high pressure, single-screw compressor.

Waste heat recovery using industrial heat pump systems with ammonia refrigeration achieves increased performance. Typically, we see:

  • 15 percent higher efficiency than comparable technologies
  • Design service life of 20 years with routine maintenance
  • Zero GWP and ODP

Installation: North American Food Processing Plant

  • Annual operating energy savings of approximately $267,000
  • 14 million gallons of water saved annually
  • Waste heat recovery of 7.0 MMBtuh (2.1 MW)
  • 6.51 summer coefficient of performance (COP)/4.23 winter COP

Installation: European Chocolate Plant

  • Reduced process utility costs by $394,000 annually
  • Waste heat recovery of 4.2 MMBtuh (1.2 MW)
  • High COP of 5.46
  • CO2 reduction of 1.1 million pounds annually

Installation: South American Poultry Processor

  • 72 percent reduction of heat energy costs annually
  • 15 million gallons of water saved annually
  • Waste heat recovery of 10.8 MMBtuh (3.2 MW)
  • 5.9 COP