Adiabatic Cooling Towers ConairPlastics processors that use EarthSmart adiabatic cooling towers from Conair can reduce water and energy consumption and prevent contamination of the process fluid, says the Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania-based equipment maker. The adiabatic cooling towers can maintain stable leaving fluid temperatures even in hot weather.

According to Conair, process fluid circulates in a closed loop through tubing in the tower, so it is isolated from contamination and evaporation. Eleven models are available to handle nominal flow rates from as little as 45 to 510 gal/min (170 to 1930 l/min) of process fluid (35 percent ethylene glycol). Adiabatic wetted panels are mounted so that they are in front of the cooling tower coil through which process water flows. As ambient air passes through the wetted panels, water evaporates, reducing the temperature of the air flowing into the unit so that it cools the process fluid. The cooling towers can be operated without using the adiabatic process (relying on ambient air to cool the coils) when air temperatures are low.

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