1107pc-info-CTI-logo.jpgHouston-based Cooling Technology Institute seeks proposals for the evaluation of pitot tube tip designs used for the measurement of water flow. The CTI Performance and Technology (P&T) Committee will fund and monitor the study.

Accurate water flow rate measurements are critical to the CTI’s certification, thermal performance and drift performance testing programs. The study will identify an improved pitot tube tip design for both field and laboratory use. The current simplex design will be evaluated against two candidate designs that have been developed by consensus of P&T Committee members and are considered promising.

Prototype pitot tubes are to be fabricated and evaluated in a controlled setting to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each tube design relative to the current Simplex tube.

Interested parties should contact Virginia Manser, CTI administrator, at vmanser@cti.org to request a pitot tube study information packet. Completed proposals are due to the CTI office on or before September 22.